By: Naureen Chhipa @WhereToNau

So, where is Samaná exactly? Samaná is the hidden gem of the Caribbean island that is the Dominican Republic. Located only 4 hours away from the world-famous Punta Cana, Samaná is anything but touristy. Having traveled and explored both places in 2 months, I can honestly say I fell in love with Samaná and was a little disappointed with Bali. Perhaps the anticipation of overly hyped Bali on IG was at fault, as when I got there and even traveled around the Island, all I kept craving was the secluded lush jungle lined with coconut trees and waterfalls that I found in Samaná. Don’t get me wrong; I still loved my trip to Bali and found all that over there, but I had to travel a far distance to see it all — it was just not what I was expecting. With that said, Samaná is not for everyone either. If you like to party, be social, have fancy cocktails, and cure your next-day hangover by temple hopping and shopping, Bali is the perfect place for you. So, who is Samaná? Samaná is for that person looking to disconnect from the world and connect with the inner self. Samaná is for that person looking for adventure. Samaná is for that person that prefers nature and eco-living over humankind luxuries.

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